Nolan House in Bostwick, Georgia

November 14, 2015

Nolan House bostick georgia

This long-abandoned plantation house gives me the chills.

Nolan House is just west of Madison in Bostwick, Ga. at the intersection of Nolan Store Road and Bostwick Highway.

It dates back to 1902 and sits on five wildly beautiful acres.   Continue Reading

Drive 4 hours and 100 years back in time: Day trip to Sapelo Island, Georgia

July 15, 2015

Sapelo Island I fall in love every summer. As soon as the temperatures reach a steady 80 degrees, it’s like being reunited with an old lover. Well, the temps have soared over 100, the girls are horsing around in Virginia and I’m well into my summer reading list. And yet, I wasn’t feeling the love — until our day trip to Sapelo Island, Georgia.

Turns out, I just needed a little sand between my toes, sea air in my lungs and a change of scenery. Major change. Continue Reading

3½ ways ginger root will make you happy

June 23, 2015

gingerI don’t believe that lasting happiness is typically achieved through stuff like a job promotion, a new home or adopting a puppy, although there’s no doubt that these things deliver a jolt. According to the documentary Happy, status (career, relationship status, income) only account for 10% of the differences in our levels of happiness. The film also says that 40% of potential happiness is unaccounted for, suggesting that there is a lot we can do to become a happier camper. Which leads me to ginger root.

On a whim I picked up a “hand” of ginger at the market, and it turns out that ginger is really something you (and I) should keep in the kitchen so that happiness is just at your fingertips. Continue Reading

Tallulah Falls Lake, Georgia

June 15, 2015

Tallulah Falls LakeI’m a little embarrassed to admit that Jay and I used to turn our noses up at “the lake.” We when first moved to Atlanta 15 years ago, new friends and acquaintances would say, “We’re going to the lake this weekend” or “Can’t wait to hit the lake this summer” and we would quickly dismiss the idea of having fun at “the lake.”

Having grown up on the coast of Virginia with the access and freedom to ride your bike to the beach whenever the mood strikes, lake recreation seemed like a very meager alternative. Time and exposure would prove us very wrong over the years, however, I still get a little excited when we visit a lake with a “beach.” Tallulah Falls Lake was no different. Continue Reading

Hiking at Tallulah Gorge State Park

June 15, 2015

tallulah gorge state parkA wise vagabond once said, “It’s not the destination so much as the journey.” Captain Jack Sparrow’s journey was way more perilous, but his words echoed in my mind, nonetheless, as Jay and I hiked Tallulah Gorge State Park.

At two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep, Tallulah Gorge is one of the largest canyons in the East. With six waterfalls, the gorge boasts some of the most impressive views in the South. The gorge is also where the 1972 thriller “Deliverance” was shot.

While the park has several hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty, the Hurricane Falls Loop Trail apparently has the most spectacular views. The trail is also rated “very difficult.”

But, really, what does that mean, Jay and I wondered? The trail is only two miles round trip. Should we be concerned that included are 1,099 stairs? Should we be equally concerned that the brochure and several signs at the start of the trail recommends that people with “known health conditions” not attempt the trail? Did I mention that it’s ninety-plus degrees out? Continue Reading

Postcards from riding camp

June 12, 2015

riding campWhile Jay and I are sweltering away in Georgia, Honey and Cricket are gallivanting about in coastal Virginia. That’s where they’ll be splitting their time between riding camp and their Grands this summer.

Cricket was a little down when we learned that Patty, whom she had been riding for the last two summers, passed away. But, she seems to have hit it off with Hank (left). And although Huggy appears to be leading Honey in this photo (right), Honey assures us that she feels very confident riding him. Continue Reading